SHIMCA 1 Ardconnel Terrace Directions

Link to location on Google Maps

We are the one with the blue door. You can either park you car at Eastgate, come out of M & S and walk up to Lloyds TSB on you right and Bank of Scotland & Royal Bank of Scotland on your left. The set of steps “Market Brae Steps” in the middle, walk up the Market Brae Steps until the top and you can see the building on your left.

If you prefer driving then you have to drive up the Crown passing the Midmills College, enter Charles Street when you see Chris Crook the Barber. At the top of Charles Street you can try and park at Hill Place or Raining Stairs Car Park or check if we have any space left on your
right. Car Parks are free after 6pm.

(We are the opposite end of Blind Craft Workshop)

Tymczasowa relokacja szkoły

Szkoła im. Św. Jana Pawła II w Inverness

Drodzy Rodzice!

Z powodu generalnego remontu szkoły podstawowej St Joseph’s, siedziba naszej szkoły tymczasowo będzie przeniesiona do siedziby Chińskiej SHIMCA
Pod adresem:


Link do lokacji na mapie Google
(Jest to budynek po prawej stronie z niebieskimi drzwiami)

Od 20go sierpnia włącznie do 5go listopada.
Termin ukończenia prac remontowych może ulec zmianie; może dłużej potrwać.
Z powodu braku miejsc w salach w SHIMCA, nie przyjmujemy nowych dzieci aż wrócimy do szkoły St Joseph’s.

Wszelkie zmiany i informacje będą dostępne na stronie Związku Polaków

It goes without saying that EU nationals make an invaluable contribution not just to our economy, but to our society and our daily lives. I can assure you that there will be no immediate change in the status of EU nationals living in the United Kingdom.

Similarly, I expect the discussions that the UK Government has with the European Union to agree the arrangements for the UK’s exit will undoubtedly reflect the immense contribution made by EU citizens to our economy, our NHS and our schools, and in so many other ways. The UK Government has also, rightly, indicated its desire to secure the interests of the 1.2 million British citizens who live and work elsewhere in the EU.

I am confident that we will be able to work to secure and guarantee the legal status of EU nationals living here as well as the rights of British citizens abroad, through reciprocal discussions with the European Union as part of the formal negotiations to leave the EU.

In the meantime, let me stress that EU nationals continue to be welcome in Scotland and across the United Kingdom.

There have been some truly abhorrent hate crimes perpetrated against EU nationals following the referendum, and we must not stand for attacks of any kind. They must be, and will be, tackled in the strongest possible terms.

Ruth Davidson MSP (Leader –Conservative and Unionist Party –Scottish Parliament)

Dyżur konsularny w Inverness

Uprzejmie informujemy, że kolejny dyżur konsularny w Inverness odbędzie się w dniach 2-3 września 2016 roku.

Data uruchomienia zapisów na dyżur poprzez stronę e-konsulat zostanie podana w późniejszym terminie.

Dyżur odbywa się pod adresem: 30 Huntly Street, Inverness, IV3 5PR (“Polska parafia”)

Informujemy, że opłaty należy wnosić w formie postal order wypełnionego na “Polish Consulate in Edinburgh”(nie ma możliwości wniesienia opłaty gotówką ani kartą). Informacje nt. opłat pobieranych przez urząd znajdą Państwo tutaj.

UWAGA: KG RP w Edynburgu informuje, że odbiór paszportów dla osób zamieszkałych w Inverness może nastąpić za pośrednictwem poczty, – osoby wnioskujące o wydanie paszportu powinny dołączyć do przy składaniu wniosku kopertę SPECIAL DELIVERY zaadresowaną na własny adres i opłaconą do 100g (obowiązuje zasada: jedna koperta na jeden paszport).

Changeover of Status of Inverness Polish Association

SC 037551
Inverness Polish Association
32 Church Street
Inverness IV1 1EH
TEL: 01463 223223


We respectfully inform our members that we have started the procedure for the changeover of status of our Inverness Polish Association (registered as a Scottish Charity)
To that of a SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation)
The process is overseen by OSCR (Office of the Scottish Charities Register) supported by the Scottish Government .
This change will make it easier for us to apply for funding and will ensure the future existence of our organization .
Further information will be available shortly

Zofia Wierzbowicz-Fraser
25TH July 2016

Zmiana Statutu Związku Polaków w Inverness

SC 037551
Inverness Polish Association
32 Church Street
Inverness IV1 1EH
TEL: 01463 223223


Informujemy że rozpoczęliśmy procedurę zmianę Statutu Związku Polaków w Inverness z poziomu Charytatywnej Organizacji (Scottish Charity)
Na SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation).
Zajmuję sie tym OSCR (Office of the Scottish Charities Register) biuro Rządu Szkockiego.
Ułatwi nam możliwość składania aplikacji na dodatkowe dofinansowania i zapewnia dalsze istnienie naszej organizacji .

Dalsze informacje dostępne na bieżąco.

Zofia Wierzbowicz-Fraser
25 lipiec 2016

Highland Council issues a statement setting out its position on the EU

The Highland Council today considered the impact of Thursday’s vote for the UK to leave the European Union.

Members noted the expected implications for Highland of the UK decision to leave the European Union and agreed to meet as appropriate to consider possible scenarios and initiate contingency planning.

The following statement from the Council was agreed by Members.

“Highland Council believes that the Highlands is a well educated, innovative and resilient area and is open to business and new business opportunities.

“We will carefully monitor developments as the withdrawal from Europe begins and will demonstrate leadership for our communities as we plan and prepare for our future.

“Highland Council wishes to reassure everyone of all cultures, races and communities that they are valued members of our Community and we will continue to welcome migrants into Highland.

“This Council will endorse and support the endeavours of the Scottish Parliament to maintain and protect Highland’s and Scotland’s position within the European Union.”

Leader of the Council, Councillor Margaret Davidson said:

“The result of the referendum on Thursday will have considerable consequences for us all over the coming months and years.  This paper sets out some of the current European funding we benefit from as well as a number of risks and impacts.

“We will be working as a Council to explore what this decision might mean for the Highlands and how we can best respond to that.

“We need to promote confidence and be as positive as we can be. The drop in sterling will indeed mean it will be easier for Highland businesses to export and for foreign tourists to come and visit the Highlands.”

She continued: “Council business and services will continue as usual and we will endeavour to provide as much stability as we can during the uncertain times ahead. We will do what we can, working with the Cities Alliance and community planning partners, to prepare for the future.”

The paper discussed can be viewed on the Council website.

The Highland Council