Galeria z Akademii Niepodległości

Uroczysta Akademia z okazji stulecia odzyskania Niepodległości. Generalny P. Truszkowski, przedstawiciele Rady Miejskiej i studenci po rozdaniu Certyfikatów z Matury z Języka Polskiego.

A very special occasion at Polish Saturday School Inverness celebrating 100 years of Polish Independence on 10 November 2018.Consul General Mr.Truszkowski presented A level certificates to successful pupils, along with Deputy Provosts, Councillors, delighted pupils and staff from the school.

2 thoughts on “Galeria z Akademii Niepodległości”

  1. Hi, about one year ago I met a young Polish guy called Adam. He bought my skis and boots from me as I had decided to stop skiing because of poor health.. Since then I have the opportunity to ski again and I wondered if Adam had ever used my stuff. If not, I would like to buy it back. I realise it is unlikely you would know him, but as he has an unusual name `I thought it worth a try. Thanks

    1. Hi Eddie,
      THis is a log shot as name Adam is very common. How did he buy it off you ? Gumtree ? Facebook ? Face to Face ?

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